Tired Feet? Here's what you should know

Tired Feet? Here's what you should know

Have you ever had tired aching feet after you stand or walk for long periods of time? It can happen at work, during exercise, or even at social events and can be a real pain (no pun intended). Many of you know it can turn a great day into a grey day in an instant.

Put simply, feet have to support the weight of your whole body, and under certain conditions (e.g. prolonged standing, walking, exercise etc), stress builds up on the soft tissues and joints of the feet causing tiredness or discomfort.

Certain factors contribute to tired aching feet, including age, health and fitness, bodyweight, activity, injury, and footwear. Often discomfort arises when physical demands placed on the feet exceed their capacity (or limitation). 

What can I do to help relieve tired feet?

    • Give your feet a rest during the day and take breaks, if possible.
    • Adjust your activity levels to match your current capacity (ie. stop before discomfort sets in). Gradually increase activities over time until capacity increases (you can do more before discomfort sets in).
    • Wear¬†comfortable,¬†supportive, properly fitted shoes with a low heel height. Avoid shoes such as thongs, ballet flats and high heels until your feet have improved.
    • Try using¬†arch supports or foot orthotics such as Spriings in your shoes to add¬†support and comfort.
    • Stretch and massage your feet to help loosen and relax your muscles.

How can I prevent tired feet coming back?

  • Stay active, strong and healthy. When your activity level drops off, so does your physical condition (and the capacity¬†of your feet to tolerate¬†load).¬†
  • Choose shoes that are suited to purpose and don't compromise on quality, especially work shoes and trainers. Thongs,¬†ballet flats and high heels¬†should be worn¬†infrequently. Always ensure shoes are properly fitted.
  • Try adding¬†arch supports such as Spriings to your shoes¬†to improve their¬†support and comfort.

If you still experience tired aching feet after trying these suggestions, or if symptoms worsen, there could be another underlying cause, and you should consult a registered healthcare professional such as a doctor, podiatrist or physiotherapist for assistance.