What are arch supports? ... Can they help me?

What are arch supports? ... Can they help me?

What do arch supports do?
Well-designed arch supports and foot orthotics can help distribute pressure across your foot's arches, improve stability and balance, and provide support for your feet. Most shoes are flat inside (they have a flat footbed or liner) which does not match the natural shape of the foot's arches. Adding arch supports or foot orthotics that are compatible with the type of shoe changes this and can help support the foot and improve comfort. 

The relationship between shoes and your feet
Wearing shoes that are flat inside without an added arch support can be problematic because feet tend to deform or flatten inside the shoe. For people who spend a lot of time on their feet, this effect can be cumulative. Other contributing factors include wearing shoes that are too narrow, too small, too flimsy or heavily worn. Collectively, these things can lead to tissue stress in the feet and legs, joint deformity, tiredness and fatigue, aches and pains and ultimately activity avoidance.

Shoes should be the appropriate width and length (well-fitted), structurally sound, and in good condition. You could also try some well-designed arch supports (such as SPRIINGs) for your shoes. Making these changes can help reduce fatigue and tiredness, improve comfort, increase capacity for exercise, and improve mood, which all leads to a happier healthier you.

What is SPRIING?

SPRIING is a new innovation in arch supports which fit your favourite shoes with ease. 

Foot orthotics and arch supports have a reputation for being tricky to fit into normal shoes. Usually wearers find themselves limited to wearing big bulky lace-ups because their orthotics or arch supports don't fit into their normal footwear. SPRIING arch supports make shoe-fitting a breeze, opening up a world of stylish shoe options once more. 

SPRIINGs are an original design by Aussie podiatrist and physio duo to fulfil the need for foot orthotics that are accessible, affordable, stylish and work with shoes people actually want to wear. SPRIING utilises clever cutting-edge concepts in orthotic design underpinned by the latest research-based evidence, whilst incorporating sustainability efforts to reduce carbon footprint. 

How is SPRIING different to other arch supports?

SPRIING arch supports are innovative and unique. SPRIINGs have a natural anatomical shape and flexible material that works in harmony with your foot's own natural spring function to support and energise tired stressed out feet. Interchangeable vibrant top covers offer cushioning and style so you can transition from dress shoes to kicks with ease, and never look dull. The unique Velcro dot system locks SPRIINGs in place even in open back shoes and sandals so you can add support to almost any shoe. SPRIINGs are comfortable, sustainable and loaded with personality, to breathe new life into your feet. 

SPRIING has lots of useful information at your fingertips so you can get to know your feet better, and make informed choices where your feet are concerned. If you've asked it, we've answered it.

SPRIING¬†arch supports are¬†truly amazing for so many reasons, and we¬†LOVE them, and sure you will too. And they're here for anyone who wants great-feeling feet, not just for people with problems. We¬†can't wait to¬†find out¬†your¬†SPRIING story ūüíö