Welcome to Spriing!

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to introduce you to Spriing and share a little bit about myself.

My name is Angela Ayres. I am the founder and director of Spriing, an Aussie entrepreneur, innovator, a registered Australian podiatrist, a professionally trained ballet dancer, a wife and a mum to 3 kids. I'm passionate about foot health and wellbeing, and believe everyone deserves to live their best life through healthy supported feet... the reason I developed Spriing arch supports.

I’m excited to share Spriing with you because I know they can make a profound difference in our lives. Spriing arch supports are the brainchild of 20 years of podiatry work, perfectionist tendencies and a burning desire to help more people experience supported feet for a healthy happy life. Spriing’s revolutionary design and high quality materials are unique, making them incredibly comfortable, durable, versatile, supportive, sustainable and stylish! 

I hope you enjoy reading about Spriing and why your feet are worthy of your support.


Everyday we are surrounded by messaging about the importance of being active. But how can we be active if our feet hurt? How many of us ignore our feet until something goes wrong? Feet are the foundation of our body, their daily workload is enormous, and I think we can all agree we’d be in trouble without them. It’s about time we get to know our feet better, and give them the attention and support they deserve to keep them healthy before they break down. Spriing makes supporting feet easy and enjoyable, so everyone can experience their extraordinary benefits from the ground up. Supporting arches and improving foot health is just the beginning… Spriing is about supporting better health, fitness, lifestyle, mood, energy, freedom, and above all, changing lives. 


Shoes are usually flat inside which doesn’t support the arches of our feet. Over time, our feet can squash, flatten and mould to the shape of the shoe, resulting in problems such as flat feet, bunions, claw toes and neuromas. Let’s face it, we love a good looking shoe, but they are often not good for our feet. Spriing is here to change that. Most orthotics and arch supports are too bulky to fit into normal shoes, and require daggy looking orthopaedic shoes or sneakers. But Spriings have been designed to work in most types of shoes easily to improve the interaction and support the feet. Spriings are the closest thing to a miracle for supporting feet, but some shoes can undo their good work and just aren't good for feet such as sky high stilettos, thongs and some ballet flats. These should be either avoided completely or reserved for special occasions, short timeframes, non-active events/sitting down, and for those without any foot concerns due to risk of damaging the feet.


You might be thinking “Why do feet need to be supported?” The answer is evolution. Our nomadic ancestors were slim, active hunter-gatherers who roamed the Earth barefoot over grass, sand, and dirt. How we live today is very different: shoes, jobs, concrete floors, stress, transport vehicles, heavy diets, fast food, obesity, diabetes, and sedentary attractions like social media, online shopping and gaming impact our feet and general health and increase risk of foot injury. 

By supporting our feet in all kinds of shoes, no matter what modern life throws at us, Spriing helps mitigate the impact of damaging factors so you can live your best life. 


Spriing’s design minimises waste because the support shells are durable and have removable top covers that can be replaced when worn out rather than replacing the whole arch support. If they become damp from perspiration, the removable top covers can be air dried to manage odour and hygiene, and can be washed occasionally if needed too. The Spriing kit comes to you in the cutest handy zip pouch made from recycled plastic bottles (to keep all your Spriing bits and pieces), and a compostable corn-starch mailer bag that goes in your green waste bin with your veggies. We can all do our bit to protect our precious planet, and you can feel good knowing Spriing is right there with you.


Don’t be surprised if Spriing is different, it means to be. Spriing exists to solve the things that hold other arch supports back. Spriing is the complete package. 

During my clinical podiatry career, I found it frustrating that while orthotics were very effective at resolving foot conditions, they came with a bunch of new problems for the wearer. It wasn’t in my DNA to accept these problems, so instead I decided to tackle them head on and develop Spriing.


It’s well known that orthotics are bulky and don’t fit into stylish shoes people like to wear. To manage a foot condition, orthotic wearers must sacrifice nice shoes for specialty orthopaedic shoes, lace up school shoes or sneakers that are often hard to find, ugly and expensive. Orthotics present a frustrating conundrum that doesn't fit our way of life, and deters people from supporting their feet. Orthotics are especially difficult for people who wear dressy shoes to a corporate job, people who play footy or cycle (footy boots and cycling shoes are snug), people who value their appearance, or people who work in fashion or styling where appearance is important to their job. And then there’s teens. Try convincing a teen to wear an orthopaedic shoe with an orthotic over a trendy street shoe… that’s never going to happen.

Spriing’s versatility is a total game changer. Their unique design fits almost any type of shoe, so now everyone can have meaningful support and wear the shoes they like too! Spriing is great as the standalone source of arch support, but it’s also a fantastic supplement for orthotic wearers with foot problems too. Spriing opens up a world of shoe options for people to reinvigorate their style and appearance whilst continuing to use their orthotics in their orthopaedic shoes. It’s the best of both worlds!


Orthotics are expensive. Many who need orthotic support for a foot condition can’t afford it: regular people with average incomes, families with young kids, and people who simply don’t have several hundred dollars to fund orthotics because of the already high cost of living. As a podiatrist, it just didn’t seem right to me that only the well-off were afforded good quality orthotic support, while others had to put up with substandard options or no support at all. The most heartbreaking was seeing kids with their lives ahead of them, go without proper support they needed no matter how much their parents wanted to help them. If only the ready made alternatives were more like orthotics! 

Spriing was the solution. It channels many of the benefits and design features of good quality orthotics into an effective arch support everyone can afford. But dive deeper and you’ll find Spriing’s design encompasses orthotic prescribing prowess, troubleshooting and technological advancements to dramatically improve the experience. Spriing is about everyone having equal access to the best foot support money can buy.


As a podiatrist before Spriing, I was curious why different people with different feet and different prescriptions received custom orthotics that all looked the same. So I set off with my physiotherapist husband to visit laboratories nationwide to find an explanation. One shortcut we discovered was a library of ready made shells, where the lab would select the shell that closest resembled the foot scan and prescription. I asked myself “How then could anyone be certain that their orthotics were truly custom? Were they getting value for money? And further, was this costly device actually necessary?” 

In response to these findings, we explored the latest technology to make our own bespoke 3D printed orthotics rather than using laboratories. We even sourced a 3D printing company in Belgium because of their superior quality. An exclusive CAD program enabled us to make orthotics with limitless customisations. These orthotics surpassed everyone’s expectations; they did things others couldn’t, and left the wearer in awe of how they made them feel. But this technology and type of orthotic was still expensive, and what we really wanted was to make it affordable to everyone. This meant designing a ready made device with all the best design features we discovered using this program. And so Spriing was born. 


What an incredible journey it’s been to get this far. We'd love to have you join us as we embark on improving the future of foot health together, with a Spriing in our step.