Crafted for support and comfort, the Spriing design is the culmination of nearly two decades of podiatry practice and biomechanics, orthotic design and technological developments. The intricate shell design includes well placed contours, a streamlined footprint and variable thickness which adds targeted support and flexibility where it’s needed most. Bridging the gap between the shoe and the foot, Spriing supports the arch and redistributes pressure and load across the foot, like a gentle hug for your arches. Spriings are super comfy, easy to wear, dynamic arch supports that add a spring to your step and feel so good you won’t want to take them off. 

Helpful for most foot types, Spriings are an excellent option for those who’ve never worn arch supports before, to people who’ve worn orthotics their whole lives. Spriings are not intended to replace custom orthotics for those with specialised needs or foot types at either end of the spectrum (very flat or rolled in, and very high arches).