Grounded in sustainability, Spriing’s design minimises environmental pollution so often seen in the orthotic and footwear industry. Clever Interchangeable velcro covers can be removed for airing or cleaning, help customise shoe fit and be replaced with a new cover when worn out rather than replacing the whole arch support. Spriings last longer than most other arch supports, reduce material waste and avert exposure to nasty fumes and chemicals contained in industrial glue and thinners used to recover orthotics. Spriing shells are made from recyclable polypropylene which is durable, but can also be broken down and repurposed. Sustainable packaging is also key; the Spriing pouch is made from rPET (recycled plastic bottles) and is a keepsake to store all your Spriing bits and pieces, and the compostable green mailer bags can be included with your green household waste.