Spriing Arch Supports

$89.95 AUD

How Spriing's Work

Spriing Arch Supports Include:

  • Spriing Arch Support Shells (1 pair)
  • Spriing Short 3/4 Length Covers (1 pair)
  • 12 Fluffy Velcro Spots
  • Signature Spriing Pouch

Spriing Arch Support Shells

Sleek and curvy and made from recyclable material, Spriing's unique design combines flexibility, minimalism and durability, and echoes the natural contour of the foot for unrivalled support and comfort.

Targeted variable thickness provides sneaky support where you need it most, whilst retaining flexibility to give Spriings their characteristic 'Spriing'

Spriing Arch Support Shells feature a top layer of micro thin rough velcro to connect your favourite top cover. Velcro can be used over and over, so you can remove and add new covers as often as you like. The underside features two rough velcro spots which connect to Fluffy Velcro Spots.

Available in whole sizes 6 - 13 W / 5 - 12 M  (W = Womens, M = Mens)

6 5 36.5 23
7 6 38 24
8 7 39 25
9 8 40.5 26
10 9 42 27
11 10 43 28
12 11 44 29
13 12 45 30

Spriing Short Covers

Short length covers for Spriings. Sized to cover Spriing Arch Support Shells and thinner than the long covers, these take up minimal space making them easy to fit into a wide variety of shoes. Available in 8 full sizes to match Spriing Arch Support Shells. Covers are interchangeable and additional full length insole covers are available in our online store.

Material: tri-layer neoprene with a smooth fabric top layer, cushioned rubber and a fluffy fabric bottom layer to stick to Spriing Arch Support Shells.

Fluffy Velcro Spots

These self-adhesive fluffy spots stick to the inside your shoes, and connect to the rough velcro spots on the underside of Spriings to hold them in place inside your shoes. A must for backless and raised heel shoes. 12 spots is enough for 3 pairs of your favourite shoes. 

Spriing Pouch

Made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET), our eco friendly eye-catching keepsake pouch is perfect for storing spare Spriing Covers, Fluffy Spots, and instructions. There's so many ways to use the Spriing Pouch, the options are endless! 

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